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Where Architectural Lighting & Design Intersect

Architectural Elements & Lighting

Beautiful buildings deserve to be seen.  Our architectural signage and lighting solutions perfectly complement both new construction and remodel projects alike. 

With your brand integrity in mind, our architectural lighting specialists collaborate with our manufacturing teams to push the boundaries of what is possible to elevate façades.  From LED neon lighting systems to digital lighting solutions, Tyko Sign Group transforms standard façades into extraordinary visual displays.

Learn why brands like AIG, Netflix, FOX, Los Angeles Times, and WeWork have chosen Tyko Sign Group to elevate their brands to the highest levels of every city.

Architectural Element Products

LED Signage
RGBW Lighting Systems

Façade LED Lighting Fixtures

Exterior Accents



Construction Barricades


LED signage creates bright, vivid, and attention-grabbing displays, which makes our LED signs ideal for any indoor and outdoor settings. The durability and low maintenance of LED signage make it a practical and cost-effective solution for long-term use. With their ability to deliver sharp, clear images and text in various colors and intensities, Tyko’s LED signs are ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their visibility and engage with their audience.

RGBW Lighting Systems

RGBW lighting systems combine the traditional RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color model with an additional white (W) LED. The ability to precisely control the color and intensity of the light makes RGBW systems ideal for creating dynamic and mood-enhancing environments. They can be programmed for specific scenarios, whether it’s to highlight architectural features, set a certain ambiance in a restaurant, or enhance the audience’s experience at a concert or event. RGBW lighting systems have a number of additional benefits, making it a popular choice for  commercial signages and applications. 

Learn more about customizable messaging and branding for your LED signage and RGBW lighting systems  by giving us a call today.

Architectural Elements FAQs

Outdoors LED signs can last anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to around 10 years.

LED neon signs use energy-efficient LEDs encased in flexible materials for enhanced durability. These signs are known for having vibrant colors, lower energy consumption, and a longer lifespan. Their ease of installation, safety due to lower heat emission, and environmental friendliness make them an ideal choice for striking and creative visual displays in various settings.

In most cases, RGBW lighting systems offer the additional benefit of having a white LED to the standard RGB setup, which allows for a broader color spectrum and improved color accuracy. RGBW is preferable in scenarios requiring a wider range of colors, including natural and warm whites, such as in home lighting or retail displays.

RGBW stands for Red, Green, Blue, and White, which are the colors used in RGBW lighting systems.

Our Architectural Elements Process


Step 1

Our experienced team starts each project by diving deeply into your brand as we collaborate together. This step allows us to truly familiarize ourselves with your desired objectives and goals. We evaluate the project location and designate a committed team lead and project manager.


Step 2

Our certified project managers make certain that every milestone aligns with our client’s expectations, is delivered on schedule, and is communicated in detail.


Step 3

Our talented team of graphic designers collaborate with the project management and engineering teams on structural design, mounting methods, and sign engineering. Tyko’s skilled designers craft a variety of illustrations, considering sign positioning, mounting specifics, lighting techniques, and material specifications for each depicted sign for your project.


Step 4

Our professional team handles the installation of various signs, such as exterior signage, channel letter signs, pylon signs, monument signs, architectural signs, and digital LED displays. We’ll coordinate all the practical aspects and logistics with our field services team and your project location, ensuring a worry-free installation.


Step 5

After the fabrication and installation processes, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied and impressed with a sophisticated, high-quality sign representing your brand. Upon receiving your final approval, we run through an exhaustive checklist to confirm everything is in proper order. Final photographs and a successful city inspection are also integral to wrapping up the project.

Architectural Elements Case Studies


Kinecta, a California-based federal credit union, looked for guidance on rebranding its set of 8 banking outposts in the South Bay and using their signage to stand out from other financial institutions with a more modern aesthetic.


Soho House

Soho House is known for being a highly exclusive, luxurious hospitality brand. Their architectural firm sought Tyko Sign Group to produce architectural elements and ADA signage for Soho House that was on brand and exceeded their standards of excellence.


Tik Tok

TikTok’s large-scale single and double stroke neon signage required us to take our conventional neon skills to the next level to achieve the desired animation results. Not only was this project an immense success but it also provided Tyko with a new neon sign product offering.


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