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Create an Immersive Experience with Digital Displays

Digital Signage & Displays

Our digital signage displays are as captivating visually as they are culturally significant, transforming standard buildings into landmark destinations and experiences. Moreover, they provide brands with the opportunity to engage audiences while generating the highest grossing revenue in outdoor media.

Tyko Sign Group partners with display manufacturers and media companies to help clients navigate the digital signage process. Our teams specialize in architectural integration design, urban planning and engineering, sourcing display technology, and display installation. We also partner with media companies to facilitate media sales and content production.

Digital SignAge

At Tyko Sign Group, our digital signage is not just visually striking– it is also versatile for any setting. From vibrant outdoor LED displays to sleek indoor LCD panels that are perfect for retail environments, Tyko has what you need to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to display high-definition signage, visual directories, or your branding, our digital signage systems will help you stand out from your competition. With easy content management and customizable display options, you can ensure that your message is not only seen but remembered. Contact us to learn more about our Digital Signage.

Digital Signage FAQs

Digital signs are commonly used for a variety of purposes, given their versatility and effectiveness in conveying information, including aiding in wayfinding and navigation in large complexes, displaying restaurant names, facilitating corporate communication, announcing events and performances, broadcasting public safety messages, providing interactive displays in educational and retail settings, and more.

Digital signs in retail enhance customer experience and promote brands and products to encourage brand engagement, interactive customer experiences, in-store navigation, queue management, and seasonal displays. These signs enhance the shopping experience by providing engaging, informative content and can be quickly updated for real-time relevance.

LED digital signs can last from 80,000 to 100,000 hours, which could mean about 10 years.

Our Digital

Signage Process


Step 1

Our experienced team starts each project by diving deeply into your brand as we collaborate together. This step allows us to truly familiarize ourselves with your desired objectives and goals. We evaluate the project location and designate a committed team lead and project manager.


Step 2

Our certified project managers make certain that every milestone aligns with our client’s expectations, is delivered on schedule, and is communicated in detail.


Step 3

Our talented team of graphic designers collaborate with the project management and engineering teams on structural design, mounting methods, and sign engineering. Tyko’s skilled designers craft a variety of illustrations, considering sign positioning, mounting specifics, lighting techniques, and material specifications for each depicted sign for your project.


Step 4

Our professional team handles the installation of various signs, such as exterior signage, channel letter signs, pylon signs, monument signs, architectural signs, and digital LED displays. We’ll coordinate all the practical aspects and logistics with our field services team and your project location, ensuring a worry-free installation.


Step 5

After the fabrication and installation processes, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied and impressed with a sophisticated, high-quality sign representing your brand. Upon receiving your final approval, we run through an exhaustive checklist to confirm everything is in proper order. Final photographs and a successful city inspection are also integral to wrapping up the project.

Digital Signage
Case Studies

Burbank Empire Center

Burbank Empire Center

Learn how we created the design concept for The Burbank Empire Shopping Center, including the addition of a 45-foot curved LED display at the heart of the property.


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