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Elevating Brands

Elevating Brands

Exterior Signage

We understand that every brand is unique – from typography to color palettes to logo guidelines. In our world, detail is everything. Protecting brand integrity across large store footprints and executing on a consistent image through high-quality signage solutions is where we shine.

As brand advocates with a keen eye towards design, Tyko works closely with you in bringing your creative vision to life for an enduring, iconic brand experience.

When it comes to custom exterior signs, we are dedicated to making sure your expectations are exceeded, and we pride ourselves on finding unique solutions for every out-of-the-box idea.

Our custom exterior signage team focuses on the following areas:

Illuminated letters

Neon & Faux Neon

Sign Cabinet Systems

Projecting Blade Signs

Graphics & Barricades

Illuminated Letters

Our illuminated letters use LED illumination, acrylics, and a myriad of metals and finishes to ensure your brand identity stands out. Letters can be face lit, edge-lit, halo-lit (back-lit), or a combination of these illumination elements. Let our team guide you to ensure that your illuminated letter signs capture the essence of your brand while meeting the requirements of your project.

Neon, Faux Neon

If you love neon signs as much as we do, we are here to help you select the best product for your project needs. With over 40 years building neon signs, we understand the nuances of these majestic and fragile signs. Learn more about our neon and faux (LED) neon products.

Sign Cabinet Systems

Our illuminated and non-illuminated exterior sign cabinet systems provide effective primary site identification and direction sign use cases. Our sign cabinet systems come in a variety of finishes to meet your project needs. Please inquire about our different sign cabinet products.

Projecting Blade Signs

Our illuminated and non-illuminated blade signs are effective for attracting foot traffic into your facility. They “project” from the façade, sit on a perpendicular angle, and invite customers in. Please inquire about our different projecting sign products.

Banners, Graphics, & Barricades

Please inquire about our exterior banner, window graphics, and barricade products.