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High Rise Signage

High rise buildings provide excellent opportunities to display your brand to the world.  Tyko Sign Group has the experience, capabilities, and program management experience to execute high rise signage projects nationally.

Our program management teams use our process to ensure all logistics, safety measures, and contingencies are accounted for.  From steel frame systems to large-format logos and displays, it takes a coordinated team effort and months of logistical planning for the final product to emerge.  Our clients entrust us with their brand and we take great pride in leaving our mark on city centers and landmark buildings for decades to come.

Our High Rise signage team focuses on the following areas:

High Rise Signage

High Rise SignAge

Learn why brands like AIG, Netflix, FOX, Los Angeles Times, and WeWork have chosen Tyko Sign Group to elevate their brands to the highest levels of every city.

Frequently Asked Questions
About High Rise Signage

A high-rise sign is a large and prominent sign placed on a tall building, typically on the upper floors or the roof. These signs serve various purposes, including corporate branding, wayfinding, advertising, landmark identification, and enhancing a city’s skyline. They are designed to be highly visible from a distance and can become iconic features in a city. 

High-rise signage encompasses various sign types placed on tall buildings, including identification, corporate logos, wayfinding, digital displays, advertising billboards, and more. These signs provide multiple purposes, from branding to wayfinding depending on your company’s needs. At Tyko Sign Group, our high-rise signage can be customized to meet your specific business needs and can become an iconic feature of the city, bringing more awareness for your brand.

At Tyko Sign Group, our sign permitting experts excel in researching municipal codes and obtaining permits for sign projects across the nation. We harness established connections and maintain open communication with planning and zoning authorities to streamline processes. Whether it’s a single location or multiple sites in various cities, we are fully prepared to guide you through the complexities of the permitting process. Learn more about our sign permitting services.

Installing building signs at high altitude means there are certain prerequisites before the landlord and/or city will let you begin the project. Proper engineering of the attachment method is a must. A thorough site survey and evaluation of the roofline will ensure the installation team is well-equipped to rappel, use a swing stage, or operate a crane. You will also want to check that your contractor meets all of your landlord’s insurance requirements.

Our High Rise

Sign Process


Step 1

Our experienced team starts each project by diving deeply into your brand as we collaborate together. This step allows us to truly familiarize ourselves with your desired objectives and goals. We evaluate the project location and designate a committed team lead and project manager.


Step 2

Our certified project managers make certain that every milestone aligns with our client’s expectations, is delivered on schedule, and is communicated in detail.


Step 3

Our talented team of graphic designers collaborate with the project management and engineering teams on structural design, mounting methods, and sign engineering. Tyko’s skilled designers craft a variety of illustrations, considering sign positioning, mounting specifics, lighting techniques, and material specifications for each depicted sign for your project.


Step 4

Our professional team handles the installation of various signs, such as exterior signage, channel letter signs, pylon signs, monument signs, architectural signs, and digital LED displays. We’ll coordinate all the practical aspects and logistics with our field services team and your project location, ensuring a worry-free installation.


Step 5

After the fabrication and installation processes, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied and impressed with a sophisticated, high-quality sign representing your brand. Upon receiving your final approval, we run through an exhaustive checklist to confirm everything is in proper order. Final photographs and a successful city inspection are also integral to wrapping up the project.

Case Studies

Los Angeles Times

See how our team assembled and mounted 10-foot letters 112 feet into the air for one of LA’s most Iconic media outlets.



Learn how a crew of technicians fabricated steel framing and mounted the AIG’s new high rise sign to an all-glass facade of the Warner Center Towers.


Dream Hotel

Discover how Tyko helped The Dream Hotel Group unveil their spectacular 178-room hotel with flexible LED architectural elements.


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